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Runtime Dependencies

Here you find all required dependencies to run RepoGuard.

Required Python Development Tools

The following tools are basically required for checking the application or creating the documentation. Most of the tools are used by the build script, so you do not need use them directly. Here you find more information on the build script and the provided build targets.




Python Interpreter

You can use version 2.5 - 2.7 for development. The continuous integration build ensures compatibility with Python 2.5.



Unit test framework.



Code coverage plug-in for pytest.



Determines line and branch code coverage.



Checks compliance to the coding style conventions.



Generates the documentation.


For the required versions please directly refer to the extras_require section of the build script.


The easiest way to install the dependencies is to check out the latest RepoGuard version from the repository, to install it in your site-packages, and to install the extras_require dev:

svn checkout http://repoguard.tigris.org/svn/repoguard/trunk repoguard
cd repoguard/repoguard
python setup.py develop       # Register RepoGuard in the "site-packages" and install the core dependencies
easy_install repoguard[dev]   # Install the recommended Python development tools

(./) As setuptools is a core dependency, the easy_install script is available as well.

<!> To better manage your Python packages and to avoid conflicts with other dependencies, you should consider using pip and virtualenv.

Using Eclipse, PyDev, Mylyn, and Subclipse

Eclipse is an advanced Integrated Development Environment for several programming languages. In addition, it provides integrations for various useful development tools.

PyDev is an Eclipse plug-in which provides Python programming capabilities for Eclipse.

Mylyn integrates various issue tracker with Eclipse.

CollabNet Desktop for SVN

  • Provides Mylyn connector for the tigris issue tracker
  • Provides Subclipse - Subversion client for Eclipse


Here you find the installation instruction for the different tools:

  • Download a recent Eclipse (either the Java or C++ version) from the Eclipse Download Page.

  • Install the latest stable PyDev version from the PyDev Update Site.

  • Mylyn is already bundled with recent Eclipse versions.
  • Install CollabNet Desktop for SVN via Mylyn:

    • Open the Task Repository view (Window->Show View->Other...->Task Repository

    • Right-click, Add Task Repository...

    • Install More Connectors..., Select CollabNet Desktop for SVN, Finish

Setup the Project

Please follow these steps to configure the RepoGuard project in Eclipse:

Please refer to the PyDev Getting Started to learn more about PyDev.

Please refer to the CollabNet Documentation to learn more about Subclipse and the Mylyn integration.

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