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Wiki: Installation

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How to install RepoGuard


Repoguard requires at least Python 2.5 and Subversion 1.2. It runs on both, Windows and *nix. The following python modules have to be installed:


Repoguard is available from the project side at tigris.


Extract the Repoguard package to an arbitrary directory.


You have to create two files in your Subversion hooks directory (if they don't exist yet, otherwise just add the lines to the existing ones). On *nix systems those files are named pre-commit and post-commit and must be set executable. On Windows systems those files are named pre-commit.bat and post-commit.bat. They contain the following content, where %pathtorepoguard% is replaced by the directory to which you unpacked the Repoguard and %hook% is either precommit or postcommit (case-sensitive):

%pathtopython% %pathtorepoguard%/main.py %hook% $1 $2 || exit 1

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